Alliance Community Theatre Pass
The Alliance Theatre Georgia Libraries Community Pass allows up to four (4) free admissions to performances at the Alliance on the Hertz and Coca-Cola Stages.
– The Community Ticket Pass allows you to receive up to four (4) tickets for an individual performance using a promo code on the back of the pass.
– The Pass MUST be presented at the Alliance Theatre along with the tickets to the performance.
– The Pass is valid for productions on the Hertz and Coca-Cola stages ONLY.
– The pass may not be used for other performances, classes, camps, programming, or events.
– Tickets for performances are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
– To redeem the pass for your free tickets, visit
Select your desired performance, date, and time.
– In the point of sale process to receive your four (4) tickets, use the promo code on the pass itself to activate access to the free tickets.
– Free tickets may not be transferred to someone else.
– Plan accordingly to arrive early for performance, at least 30 minutes.
Expect crowds for your chosen performance.

Passport to Puppetry
-The Passport admits four (4) people to the World of Puppetry Museum OR patrons can receive a 25% discount on an All-Inclusive Ticket. By using the code LIBRARY, patrons may pre-purchase their All-Inclusive ticket online in advance of their visit at
-An All-Inclusive ticket is for one (1) person and includes:  a Family Series Performance, a Create-A-Puppet Workshop, and the admission to the Museum.
Partnership page:
Facebook:  @CenterforPuppetryArts
Twitter:  @CtrPuppetryArts
Instagram:  @ctr_puppetry_arts

Family Pass
-When checked out and taken to the CNC, the Family Pass is good for four (4) free admissions to the Center.
-The Family Pass is for general admission only and is not valid for special events or exhibits.
Facebook:  @ChattahoocheeNatureCenter
Twitter: @CNCNature
Instagram:  sighted_on_the_127

ParkPass/Historic Site Family Pass
-The Park Pass consists of a hanging tag that allows free parking at all of Georgia’s state parks and historic sites.
-The Historic Site Family Pass allows four (4) free admissions into any of Georgia’s historic sites.
-The Park Pass hangtag is for parking only. Not admissions.
Discovery Backpack
The Discovery Backpack consists of a backpack with binoculars and three foldout, weatherproof guides:  Georgia’s Trees; Georgia’s Wildlife; Georgia’s Trees and Wildflowers.
Partnership page:
Facebook:  @georgiastateparks
Twitter:  @GaStateParks
Instagram:  @gastateparks
Tag:  #GaParksandLibraries

The Go Fish Education Center is located in Perry, near the Georgia National Fairgrounds. At the Center, Georgians may purchase a fishing license and fish in a fully stocked pond, explore the freshwater aquarium featuring six of Georgia’s regional aquatic habitats, tour their hatchery that keeps rivers statewide stocked and flourishing with native fish species, or partake in wildlife conservation awareness classes.
Family Pass
The Family Pass allows up to four (4) free admissions to the Center.
Facebook:  @GoFishEducationCenter

Macon Museum Pass
-The Macon Museum Pass admits up to four (4) people to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Museum of Arts and Sciences, and Tubman Museum.
-The Family Pass is for general admission only and is not valid for special events or exhibits.
Facebook:  @GeorgiaSportsHallofFame
Twitter:  @GASportHallFame
Instagram:  @masmacon
YouTube:  Hall of Fame –

Family Pass
-When checked out, the Pass is taken to the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the Emory University campus where it allows up to six (6) free admissions to the museum. Children must be accompanied by parents.
-The Family Pass is general admission only and cannot be used for other museum offers such as renting the audio tour or special exhibits or special programming.
Wrapped Up in Reading
During the summer, the Carlos offers “Wrapped Up In Reading.” A reading list and reading diary are available online through the Carlos or GPLS. When a child reads five (5) books from the reading list, they contact the Carlos, schedule a visit, and when they meet with the Director of Education receive a goodie bag of items related to the Carlos exhibits and collections.
Partnership page:
Facebook:  @CarlosMuseum
Twitter:  @carlosmuseum
Instagram:  @carlosmuseum

Family Pass
-The Family Pass is a library Loan program. When checked out and taken to the Breman, the Pass is good for four (4) free admissions to the museum.
-The Family Pass is for general admission only and is not valid for special events or exhibits.
Facebook:  @thebreman
Twitter:  @BremanMuseum

Library Pass
-Patrons can check out the DVD from their library, take it home, watch it, and when it is returned to the library on time and in good condition, they will receive a pass receipt which, as a one-time use, admits up to three (3) people to Zoo Atlanta.
-Patrons have four (4) weeks from the DVD return date and receiving the pass receipt to redeem it. To redeem, the patron must take it to the Zoo and present the pass receipt and library card used to check out the DVD at the Admissions gate.
-The pass receipt is redeemable any of the 363 days Zoo Atlanta is open, except particular blackout dates set by the zoo.
-UPDATE:  The pass is only redeemable Monday- Friday.
-A patron is only allowed to check out the DVD once per year per household.
-FAQ for the Zoo Atlanta Library Pass may be found at the partnership page below.
The Zoo has instituted blackout dates for the Pass meaning patrons may not redeem the pass on particular dates.
Blackout dates are:
April 4-8
May 30
July 4
September 5
October 10
November 24
December 25
Partnership page:
Facebook:  @ZooATL
Twitter:  @ZooATL
Instagram:  @zooatl

Library Discount
-Public libraries in Georgia receive a special discount code through the Georgia Aquarium. The Aquarium does offer some discounts of its own during specific times of the day, but the Library Discount is available at all times.
-The Library Discount is 25% off a regularly priced admission ticket.
Partnership page:
Facebook:  @GeorgiaAquarium
Twitter:  @GeorgiaAquarium
Instagram:  georgiaaquarium
Pinterest:  Georgia Aquarium

Partnership page:
Facebook:  @Braves
Twitter:  @Braves
Instagram:  @braves

Partnership page:
Facebook:  @AtlantaGladiators
Twitter:  @atlgladiators
Instagram:  @atlgladiators

Partnership page:
Facebook:  @hawks
Twitter:  @ATLHawks
Instagram:  @atlhawks

The partnership with the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) was a 2010 grant to put a Kill-A-Watt meter in every library Georgia. The meters’ purpose is so patrons can monitor their energy usage at home in the hopes of reducing power bills and fostering energy conservation efforts statewide.
Kill-A-watt Meter
-Patrons check out the meter, take it home, and plug their appliances and electronic devices into the meter instead of the wall outlet directly. By doing so, you are shown how many kilowatts hours (kWh) that particular appliance or electronic device uses, whether it is switched on, running, idle or in standby mode. This further you to determine the dollar amount it costs to keep that particular appliance or device plugged in. Over the years the Kill-A-Watt meter has been available in libraries, residents have saved more than $70,000 in the purchase price of a meter and additional thousands off annual electric bills.
-The Kill-A-Watt meter has a circulation period of fourteen (14) days.