Bad Libraries build collections. Good libraries build services. Great Libraries build communities.

R. David Lankes


Who is on the building committee?

Tom O’Bryant  Emory Jones  Nadine Wardenga  Wayne Hardy

Olav Buchel  John Roche  Jimmy Armour  Jimmy O’Neill

Nancy Duggan  Rush Mauney  Todd Marks  Emily McConnell

Terry Goodger  Linda Erbele  Carol Jackson  Delana Knight

Why the need for a new library?

When the library was build in 1980 for the growing population of Cleveland and surrounding areas, it suited them well. The library has not had much renovation or much change over the past 40 years. The building that we are currently in was built for a community population of 10,000. Now we are serving a community of over 25,000. Our community has outgrown the facility with an influx of books coming in and the children within the children’s area. Not only are we now serving a population over twice the amount our library was built for, but we also offer much more than books, including laptops, Wi-Fi access, hotspots, Park Passes, Launchpads and more!

Some of the reasons we need a new library

Lack of space for events and programs

Cramped employee workspaces
Inadequate storage

Aging Facility

Here are a few examples of the features we would like to include in a new library:

  • Space to grow
  • Large Children’s area with separate activity room
  • Separate Reading Room
  • Teen Area
  • Mystery Fiction section
  • Graphic Novel section
  • Small Meeting/Study rooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Sound proof Quiet Pods for Zoom meetings
  • Community Room capable of holding 100 people
  • Large Genealogy Research Room
  • Friends of the Libraries Book Room
  • Separate employee work area and Breakroom