Changes to our E-Books, E-Audiobooks, and Magazines!

At the beginning of February, White County Library Cleveland and White County Library Helen will be switching our e-book, e-audiobook, and e-magazine service to an excellent company called RecordedBooks. We’re happy about this change for a number of reasons, and we think you’ll enjoy it too.

First, the app and website that go with this new service are incredibly easy to use and we’re expecting an easy transition for all of our patrons that are currently using Overdrive. It will also be incredibly easy for new White County Library Cleveland patrons, and patrons new to e-books, to sign up and use the new system. The new app that will be used to listen to audiobooks and read e-books and magazines has many more available settings than the one we currently utilize, and we’re sure these will benefit our patrons. You will now be able to change the speed at which you listen to audiobooks, set timers if you like to listen at bedtime or while working out, and bookmark where you’ve stopped. When reading e-books you’ll now have the ability to change the font size and color, the spacing of the text, and the background color as well to make reading simpler and more enjoyable for everyone and in any light.

Secondly, the amount of books and magazines we’ll be able to offer our White County Library Cleveland patrons will be expanding exponentially. RecordedBooks has the exclusive rights to thousands of books that are not available on other platforms and they add to their collection almost constantly. White County Library Cleveland will be able to transfer the majority of the materials we currently offer to our new system, and we’ll be gaining access to literally thousands of titles in audiobooks, e-books, and magazines. Our patrons will now have access to over 100 magazines like National Geographic, Good Housekeeping, Smithsonian, Allrecipes, Vogue, The New Yorker, Better Homes and Gardens, and many more. Another great feature of these magazines is once they’re checked out on your device, you can keep them as long as you’d like. You’re also welcome to print most pages from them, which comes in handy when you’re looking for recipes or woodworking plans or workouts!

We at White County Library Cleveland and White County Library Helen are very excited about this switch. We think you will be too!

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